Magda Vicini - Visual Artist

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I am a visual artist, teacher and researcher. I live in the city of Xanxerê (SC) and in the city of Palmas (PR). I work as a professor at IFPR - Federal Institute of Paraná Campus Palmas.

My great inspiration in art is Joseph Beuys:
"How we mold our thoughts or
how we shape our thoughts into words or
how we mod and shape the worls in wich we live:
Sculpture as na evolutionary process; everyone na artist" (Beuys apud Kuoni, 1992)
(Magda Vicini)

- Phd in Communication and Semiotics at the Catholic Pontifice University of São Paulo (2011) with the research: "The communicational dimensions of Joseph Beuys' concept of Social Sculpture: a process of creative translation.
- Master in Education, Art and Culture History at the Presbiterian Mackenzie University de São Paulo (2003), with the research: "Joseph Beuys Art: Pedagogy and Hipermedia".
- Publishes the book " Joseph Beuys Art: Pedagogy and Hipermedia by Mackenzie Publisher (2006).
- Visual Artist graduated from Passo Fundo University (RS), 1985.
- Professor of Basic Technic and Technological Education at Federal Institute of Paraná(PR) - IFPR in the Degree Visual Arts (2015).

- Research Groups:
CEDIPP - Digital Communication Center and Shared Knowledge Production (USP, Brasil).
POSTHUMAN - Research of Posthumanism (NYU, EUA).