August 12, 2019

This project of research and extension, had as objective to think the art of the mural as
a representation of the culture and formative ethnicities of the municipality of Palmas
(PR), from the conception of post-humanism in your critical aspect and ?inclusiveness
located? proposed by the Italian philosopher Francesca Ferrando; in order to propose
some concept questions of culture. A brief history of the ethnic formation of the Kaingang
Indigenous Land and Maria Adelaide Trindade Batista, Castorina Maria Conceição
and Tobias Ferreira afro-descendants ethnic, whose cultures have little reference and visibility 

among the inhabitants that integrate and participate in daily life and

history of this municipality, as well as Syrian-Lebanese and Japanese, a fact that motivated
this research. The art of the mural is conceptualized as a proposal of artistic production
with a social art, using the post-human methodology; the methodology of qualitative,
exploratory and applied research, and the production of mural painting; as well
as interviews with the representatives of the ethnic groups that compose the mural.
The mural elaborated from this research, is installed in IFPR - Campus Palmas.

Keywords: Art. Muralism. Culture. Posthumanism.