Procedures to start a research in Indigenous Land

November 17, 2018

Since September of this year I have started the ethical and formal procedures to start my research in the Kaingang Land in the city of Palmas (Paraná). In addition to the various meetings with the Kaingang leaderships and the teachers and the Direction of the Sengsõ Táhn Sá School, in order to obtain the acceptance of the research, it is necessary to register the research in Funai - National Foundation for Indigenous Support of Brazil - and also in the National Committee for Research Ethics and Cnpq
Care is taken to ensure that the research does not pose risks to the culture and well-being of the Kaingang natives. Now I am in the waiting period of these institutions to be able to actually initiate the research that will have the collaboration of Prof. Dr. Sergio Bairon, from Núcleo Diversitas at USP - University of São Paulo.