Wellcome to my Site

July 27, 2018

I don`t know if I`m an artist. Maybe I feel like an artist when I`m a researcher, a teacher, a citizen of this wonderful world and everything in it that forms the great universe we barely know. When we propose ourselves to work with art, we know we can face many difficulties, because it is tough to be an artist inside the System of Arts. It takes a lot of courage and abdication of several things in order to get into this System of Arts. 

I feel great admiration for all those artists that managed to get into the dreamed System of Arts, exposing in several spaces of art and being renowned by the critics and the Art History. I feel great joy for being part of the System of Arts of Santa Catarina and also of Parana, for staying in this part of Southern Brazil, opting for being Artist Teacher of Arts and dedicating myself to research; working on cultural causes in my region; and, very important: staying with my family. Since 2015, I’ve also lived in Palmas (PR), where I’m an Instituto Federal do Paraná’s teacher and I keep doing research on art and culture. 

I also feel I still have a lot of energy and many things to learn. I feel, finally, that we exist to transform, with the help of the art and ourselves, our wonderful country, the world, the universe, opting for love, for respect and for action. Not only with words or thoughts. 

Like how my great art idol Joseph Beuys always inspires me: “How we mold our thoughts or,

                                                                                                 how we shape our thoughts into words or,

                                                                                                 how we mold and shape the world in which we live:

                                                                                                 Sculpture as na evolutionary process; eeryone na artist”. (Beuys apud Kuoni, 1992) 

(Magda Vicini)