Exhibition Search for Yourself in Yourself




This exhibition was created with several expressive materials: acrylic on canvas, watercolor on paper, texture with acrylic mass and drawings.

In the year 1986 I was awarded "Honorable Mention" at the II Salon of Plastic Arts in Chapecó and at the opening of the Salon, I met the Santa Catarina and Yugoslav artist Silvio Pléticos. We built a friendship and started to exchange visits, phone calls and letters (at that time, this was how a friendship was built). I asked Pléticos if he could write a text about my art works for this exhibition, which I had to summarize to put it into the body of the exhibition invitation. With much affection and admiration for his art and writing, Pléticos, follows the text below:

Silvio Pléticos Text (1987)

"Even though I do not know other Xanxerê artists, I can say that with Magda Vicini, something in the plastic spheres is happening in this place.

It is likely that there is no still artistic environment and, faced with this fact, it is almost impossible for an artists to fight and continue. This makes our values commonly run to large capitals. Magda resists. She takes the energies from her earth and people, giving special attention to the Indians. What matters it is the enthusiasm in Magda's work. She searches the paths of contemporaneity, without abandoning the roots of the past.

Magda does not stop to try to interpret all the objective elements of the place, and in this, she aspires to the essence of things and in particular, of the figure. This is sometimes a pretext for coloristic, textural solutions. The artist emphasizes the dramaticity in the simple postures, almost without external movement in the Indians. It preserves balance in colors, in contrasts of light, in forms that, from time to time, conflict with concepts of a very realistic origin. Sometimes the space is magical, starting from a small part of the figure, noticing the starting point of the painting. But never part of the gratuity given by the abstract, even if some work gives the impression.

One feels sincerity, spontaneity and a lot of authenticity in her art works. She is giving her message and this can be understood as a calm roar, a protest against social unbalance and injustice, and above all against freedom of life in its most human sense."

Sílvio Pleticos / 1987