Installation performed in August 2005 - at Unoesc Campus of Xanxerê - Project PRETEXTO of Sesc, Social Commerce Service.
This installation is part of the exhibition "Rituals" - contains images of Kaigangues rituals, Catholics and my painting ritual.
In audio, my voice read an apocalyptic biblical text, voice of sacred corals and voice of Indians singing prayers. There were 3 videos installed in the room next to the paintings of the rituals.
"Rituals" - art as ritual: painting ritual, Catholic rituals, Kaigangues indigenous rituals.
The ink flew over the space before it fell on the support of the work. I made these works placed the stands on the floor, directly from the paint with 3 kg - or in small tubes. From then on, the ritual was done and the colors mixed with the forms  that I drew/painted - Biblical rituals, Catholic rituals, Indian rituals.

3.00m x 1.60
Acrylic paint on curvy 
Paintings: 4m x 1,60m
Video Production: Versati (Marcelo Agostini) and Robert Crépeau

Caholic images: Vanderlei Tecchio