The Cuts



10 cuts - Exhibition and Instalation
Oil on canvas
1,20m x 1,00m

(Sorry. Since this year, I don´t have good qualities in the photos of my paints)

 Installation of the creative process - Paints

CUT 1 - Cut? What cut?
Cut of life, of the screen ...
Psychological, physiological, geographical section.
The world is divided into cuts ...
Each one that stays in your cut.
Do not try to invade my cut, and cut what I do not even know
If it will be mine or if it will be my whole.
Whatever your intention, I do not want to lose my cut.

Cut 2 - Cuts that form a large and ignorant cut
How many cuts do we make in life.
Forgetting that it is whole. Forgetting that we are several cuts
That form a great and ignorant cut.
If we take the blank spaces and fill with gray matter ...
They are intellectual, critical, scholarly, contemporary.
If we cut the past we can not repeat the mistakes.
But the cuts can not be so deep ...
Because they elaborate formulas and one must fit in them,
Because we have to be contemporaries.
Contemporary that takes the cut in the right place.
Is cutting a step to the whole, or is the whole one a step to the cut?
Velazquez Cut, Ligya Cut, Amílcar Cut, Mondrian Cut.
Simply cut.

Cut 3 - Cut of the beautiful
Take a picture. Photography is art.
Television ... invasion, murder of human behavior.
Court in the atelier ... fear of creating.
Do what? Model-ink-easel.
The world outside is waiting.
"Beautiful is a disinterested satisfaction." (Kant)
"Belo is what pleases universally without concept". (Lacoste)

Cut 4 - The Whole is God Only
Men and women cut themselves daily,
And they think they have the power of the whole.
When in fact, the whole is "only" God.
And he still had to cut the story in two strokes.
No more nihilism ... we need clown psychiatrists ...
Make us laugh.

Cut 5 - Art History Cuts
In prehistory, Egyptian Art, Greek art, medieval ...
All times and styles ...
Question of taste the art?
From aesthetics, concepts, vanguards,
Every time with your cut, lies and truths.

Cut 6 - Cut of Evolutions
Evolution ... everything is so fast to follow minds.
Post-modern. Post-anti-human. Human cuts.
Evolutionary folly. People do not know that they exist (psychological cut) and have
computer in the hands ... postmodern.
The cuts are missing, the integers are missing.
We are cut in our evolutions and initiatives.
Universal cutting ...

Cut 7 - Cut of Death
We are surrounded by cuts.
Cut in childhood, adolescence, maturity, everyday ...
Cut hurts.
If it does not hurt the heart, it hurts the skin, the head
Cut of Death. I do not even want to think ...
It's the cursed, dark cut. And the safest cut.

Cut 8 - Cultural Cuts
But what is the historical basis, other than the
From human relationships, beliefs and cultures ...
It's a matter of culture.
The certainty is one: a cut makes a lot of difference. A badly thought cut, unstructured - a
mediocre cut, kills.
Cultures are in museums.

Cut 9 - Cut of love
I want to love, but I can not surrender myself with treachery.
I can take a cut, cut of abandon.
How many foolish cuts ..
The smarter, the dumber ...
We invented formulas of loving and forgetting love.
Love walks with its rational, solitary excuses.
Postmodern love? Decadent.
Sex love in any way that kills.
Lack of love that kills.

Cut 10 - Magic Cuts
And the magic cuts?
Wedding, football, money, power, beauty, images ...
Cut 11 - Cut of the whole: beginning and end

Man is the measure of all things (Protágoras)
All things are part of the world.