Where is my paintings and my drawings?

January 29, 2019

As a painter, I am curious to know how my paintings and drawings are placed in the homes of those friends who have acquired a work of mine, or who have won them. I'll start by showing a photo of 3 watercolors. They were created as greeting cards, and Marli Marquardt (who bought the cards) turned them as little paintings ... it was great! Thank you Marli!

The first work is a flower painting, made in 1990. In a much smaller dimension than the others, but I really enjoyed this series of small watercolors that I developed. I have always liked to alternate the sizes of my paintings so as not to vitiate the gesture of painting.

The second photograph deals with a watercolor painting with canson paper, dimension 1,00m x 0,80m. "Rest in the Home" (1987). It is placed in the living room of Marli and Rogério.

The third photograph is of an acrylic paint production on canvas (1.00 x 0.80m). "Cortes" is the name of this series that began to transform my painting from indigenous to a more philosophical but no less cultural than the indigenous one: Cortes. This work is also in the living room of Marli and Rogério.
The fourth work is a watercolor that I developed in the 90's, "model". I produced many watercolors in the year 1990 and I made an exhibition called "Search for yourself in yourself". This work is in the room of Marli and Rogério.
I loved Marli and Rogério! Thank you!